Interior Paints

 We carry a variety of products here at Allandale Decorating Centre.

All Benjamin Moore interior paint products have low odor, great coverage and durability. Products include the Aura, Regal and Ben lines.

A new product Benjamin Moore has launched is Advance, similar to the old fashioned oil paints, this product is perfect for furniture and cabinetry. It self levels like an oil but does not have the smell of an oil. It has outstanding coverage and hide. Super durability, washable and a great looking finish once your finished. Its available in a pearl or semi-gloss finish.

Click this image to learn more about Benjamin Moore interior paint finishes.

Click this image to learn more about Benjamin Moore interior paint finishes.

House BranD

When Allandale Decorating Centre developed their signature line, the goal was to create the two best products for the largest areas in your home. By creating a low sheen eggshell it would still give you scrubbability while having a low enough eggshell finish to minimize imperfections. The other sheen level is a cabinet finish suitable for all doors, wainscoting, furniture, tongue & groove ceilings and of course trim. The strongest two features are coverage and a gentle pearl lustre to give all wood work sprayed-on-type finish. With both products it was critical that they are paired with the best applications to give the applicator the opportunity to create a truly professional finish.     

Sue Kay's Roller Choice

The proper choice of roller is critical to coverage and mil thickness distribution. A good roller will make the difference between a one coat VS 3 and 4 coats with a bargain store roller or of insufficient mil thickness. For walls and trim a 13 mil must be used to minimize an orange peel look. The fibre and core construction are also important. The microfibre construction leaves a flat finish and holds ample paint. It is also lint free.The core needs to hold its shape and not slide off the roller handle. The core and roller fibre also needs to tolerate multiple washes. This roller is an extremely well priced valuable tool that will last and leave a beautiful finish on your project.

The Brush

As an artist, Sue's appreciation of a good brush is as critical as the paint. The brush needs to be specifically chosen based on whether the paint is latex or oil based. The taper of the brush fibre has a unique structure that minimizes brush strokes and holds the perfect amount of product to ensure the proper mil thickness is applied. This prevents sagging and encourages minimal time spent cutting in. Its 2 1/2" size makes Sue's brush perfect for cutting in around doors, trim, and walls. Its smaller handle is comfortable to hold and convenient in tight spaces like inside cabinetry and furniture. Warm soapy water easily removes all latex paints, and hanging the brush to dry keeps the brush in great condition for a lifetime of use.