Colorantic - Mist

Colorantic - Mist

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Mist – Colorantic Chalk Based Paint for DIY Furniture & Craft Painting Projects

Colorantic™ DIY Chalk Based Paint Mist, a smooth creamy chalky finish is non toxic, no leed content, the bases have no Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) and added pigmentations for colorants have very small amount of VOC, all colours have less than 60g/L. Our chalk based paints follow rules and regulations from Heath Canada. Colorantic chalk based paints are eco-friendly. In fact, instead of using conventional metal cans as many paint companies, we decided to poor our paints into plastic containers with white screwable lids in order to add longevity to our paints’ life. In addition to be eco-friendly, our chalk based paints have a smooth and creamy texture and are made with a water-based and chalk based made from raw Canadian ingredients. Colorantic’s team have developed our own unique chalk based paint recipe in order to provide you with the best chalk based paint possible on the market. It is so easy to paint furniture and home décor craft projects with Colorantic™’s products! Even if you are staring your first project or are now an expert, we are sure that you will fall in love with our products!

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All our chalk based paints, waxes, glazes, metallic paints that we have created dry in a short time period of about 30 minutes when you apply them on wood furniture. This unique formula enables you to paint the second coat quickly, allowing you more free time to your regular chores and duties. Furthermore, Colorantic DIY Mist chalk based paint adhere to most surfaces such as wood, fabric, mat metal, without much preparations. If your wood furniture or home decor craft surface is shinny, you will need to sand lightly and clean with a TSP liquid or powder-mix container in order to help achieve a matte surface to help our paint to adhere. Don’t forget to rinse with a damp cloth to clean your surface and before adding our first Colorantic chalk based paint coat. Some shinny or oil-based surfaces might require primer as a first coat. This will help you avoid sanding a shinny surface. Kitchen and bathroom cabinet doors or furniture that you want immaculate white will provide you the best results if you add a first coat of primer before adding our chalk based paints.

Our paints feel like a creamy and smooth butter cream icing on a cake (although it is applied on furniture). It dries in about 30-60 minutes. However, before adding the final varnish/top coat or wax with a round or oval paint brush, it is recommended to wait a longer time (2 to 24 hours). Mist can be left as is or you could add a protection coat with Colorantic’s wax, varnish or clear glaze. It will increase the longevity of your furniture. If your project has glass = add paint directly on the surface with a foam stick brush. If your project has a water-based varnish or paint = clean the surface with a TSP cleaner such as the TSP-Eco friendly Cleaner & Varnish remover from Colorantic. Let it acts 20-30 minutes, then rinse with a damp cloth and you can paint. If your furniture has a shinny oil-based varnish or paint, you have no choice to add a strong TSP (mostly are sold in hardware stores), then rinse and add an oil-based primer (mostly are sold in hardware stores). Then you are ready to apply Colorantic’s paint. This last step is mostly seen with bathroom, kitchen cabinets or older shinny and yellowish furniture. If you use a TSP, don’t forget to use gloves and open windows. If your furniture project is on flat raw wood (ex. Pine), apply our Colorantic chalk based paints directly on the wood.