Gold is copied worldwide to be used in manifestations of light. Gold is an expression of light and a property of light. It can hold us in the highest heavenly planes of existence. It can shield us in our creative energy to enhance more productivity. Gold is truly our masculine divine quality or etheric energy of light!

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Burnt Orange

Do you ever see a bright piece of furniture and fall in love with it, then stop and think about how you would actually use it in a space? You absolutely love the colour but think to your self it's not realistic or needs to be a neutral in order to work in your home.

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Allandale Decorating Centre
Adding a Little Extra

A room can be a room with just a little paint on the walls. In fact a smart colour choice can often make the space.. but isn't it always nice to do something a little extra. Just something to make your space stand out from the rest. There is one simple way to do that and all it involves is a little wood.

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