Adding a Little Extra

A room can be a room with just a little paint on the walls. In fact a smart colour choice can often make the space.. but isn't it always nice to do something a little extra. Just something to make your space stand out from the rest. There is one simple way to do that and all it involves is a little wood.

A plain wall can easily be turned into a focal point with some pieces of wood.

 It can be an intricate pattern like the image above or a simple one like the image below.

(Photo Credit

(Photo Credit

The options are endless, as there are so many patterns to choose from. One of my personal favourites is this very simple horizontal stripe pattern below. It looks like shiplap but would cost way less to do!

You can take the pattern and add it to more than one wall as well if you're looking for something more than a feature wall. 

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As you can see the options are unlimited, and that little extra effort can really go a long way. Pinterest and Houzz are great resources to look at if you need more information or inspiration on how to do this in your home.