Burnt Orange

Do you ever see a bright piece of furniture and fall in love with it, then stop and think about how you would actually use it in a space? You absolutely love the colour but think to your self it's not realistic or needs to be a neutral in order to work in your home. However that is not the case! If you love something that it bright or out of your comfort zone why not try and make it work. A great example of this is an awkward colour like orange. It is bright and rich however can be tricky to work with. Today we are going to look at some solutions to make a space work with an obscure furniture colour. 

Have the piece be the star and center it in a room. Have everything else revolve around it, so it shows off its fun character. 

Work with it's complimentary colours, in this case blue. Instead of pairing it with an equally bright blue choose a darker shade like navy to balance the brightness out. 




Keep the rest of the space neutral and light. Working with whites and light greys are the best way to ensure the boldness of the furniture isn't too overpowering. 




Lastly play with different textures like leathers or woods to add depth to the space. This creates a well rounded, balanced space, that is pleasing to be in. 




As you can see a bright colour like burnt orange can be handled in a beautiful and elegant manner, so never be afraid to take those shopping risks. Who knows that emerald green chair your grandma passed down to you or that trendy yellow chair can end up being the star of your home. You just have to make the right surrounding for it to work.



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