Green surrounds us everyday making us feel comforted in it's beauty. Green is so amazing because it represents growth, reflection, peace and balance.

Emerald green in particular is the colour of the month. Seen in furniture, accessories and paint trends. Emerald green is deep, rich and luxurious and we want to celebrate it.

To kick things off we're going to look at Benjamin Moore's best emerald green options. Then we'll delve a little further to see just how we can use it.

Here is how to use emerald green to really celebrate it's unique beauty. Take not of how each space uses the accessories and furniture to balance it out.


Crisp white is always the easiest and cleanest colour to pair with this bold shade. It keeps the space bright and balances the masculine energy of the green to a more feminine feeling.


How fun is this room with only the trim and the bed frame in green. Its playful and sophisticated without the complete dedication to the colour.


Be bold and cover the whole space in the colour. The key here is choosing a green with a darker undertone so it reads darker. This will ensure a modern look but also one that is more appealing to the eye.

Maybe all this green is too much for you, so take baby steps and paint a piece of furniture instead. Be it your vanity or a fun sideboard. Perhaps something as small as a mirror frame just to add this fun June favourite to a space.

Green is what connects us with nature nad tranquility, and we really wanted to celebrate its greatness this month. Look out for our next blog about lime green and the

fun possibilities it has as a colour in your home.

The days of all white or beige homes are over, we're craving colour and green is the ultimate way to demonstrate how fun paint can be!

- Lauren Scott