Spring = Gold


Spring is hear, and although our Canadian weather doesn't look it, this is the perfect time of year to spruce up your home.

The biggest colour trend for 2019 is desing wihout a doubt is a beautiful gold.


This fun, fresh, metallic colour is seen everywhere from fashion, to cars to interiors. Today we are going to look at how

to incorporate this beautiful yellow gold by the of Gink Seed into our spaces.

1. Accent Walls

The first way to interject this pop of colour is to paint one wall of a space. Choose a wall that you see right away when you enter

a room of a wall that your room is centered around. I love how cheerful and bright these examples are below.

2. Decor

Furniture and fabric is the easiest way to incorporate this fresh gold into your space, without the commitment to paint. Allandale

Decorating Centre has some amazing new bedding and wallpaper in this colour that will liven up your space like the images below.

Pairing it with a crisp white will really make the colour pop.

3. Painted Furniture

A simple way to update your furniture is to paint it. You can go with those classic colours like black and white, but why not have fun

and try out the colour of the month, ginko seed. Come into Allandale and discuss what piece and type of furniture you are painting with some

of our experts to ensure the best painting results. Check out how impactful a painted piece of furniture can be in a room with the images below.

The colour of the month is bold, bright and cheerful. It may seem intimidating to work with a first but as you can see the applications are

endless. Whether it's your walls, furniture or decorations this new look for 2018 will have your space shaking off those dreadful blues.

- Lauren Scott